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808 driven, low end anthem ‘Drive’ features 80s electro legend The Egyptian Lover

Posted on 02 Sep 2021
 A timeless, chrome plated, fuel injected electro-bass track

From Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas to up and coming acts like Atella and Cavego it’s fair to say Eskimo Recordings are pretty well known for championing the cosmic sounds of Nordic Disco. On their latest track finding trip to Scandinavia though the Belgium label have returned with something with its eye less focused on the stars and more on… well cars, definitely cars. “All electric, no gas.”

‘Drive’ the new single from Norwegian producers Tarjei Nygård & Stockhaus, featuring the unmistakable vocals of 80s electro legend The Egyptian Lover, is nothing less than an unabashed 808 driven, low end anthem. From its abrupt bass stabs and robotic percussion to its even more robotic vocoders ‘Drive’ is the kind of track that will have you digging out your old lino and poppin’ & lockin’ with the best of them.

Starting life as an instrumental, recorded when Stockhaus and Nygård spent a stormy night in the studio laying down new tracks, the pair knew they had something good on their hands but still felt like the track was just missing a certain something. Or rather a certain someone, as years before the pair had hung out with The Egyptian Lover at Nygård’s NuMusic Festival and really who could be better for the job?

As luck would have it Nygård was set to be in LA for work a few years later and what’s more the man behind the classic ‘Egypt, Egypt’ was not only in town but loved the track. All that was left to do was quickly book the legendary Skip Saylor Studios (where the likes of Ice-T and Guns N’ Roses had recorded in the past) and get that jam in the bag.

The end result? A timeless, chrome plated, fuel injected electro-bass track, complete with two ‘Club’ mixes where Nygård’s poked his head under the hood, given the track a spot of extra fine-tuning and thrown in some neon under-lighting for good measure. The perfect soundtrack whether you’re cruising around town in your low-rider or attempting an ill-advised head spin or human caterpillar in the club.

‘Drive’ also marks a welcome return to Eskimo Recordings for Tarjei Nygård who, as well as releasing singles on labels such as Prins Thomas’ Full Pupp and Lovefingers’ ESP Institute, previously featured on Eskimo’s ‘The Orange Collection’ compilation with the timeless track ‘Flog’. For Stockhaus meanwhile ‘Drive’ marks his debut on the label and is, remarkably, his 1st single of the year, a nice change of pace after he set himself, and completed, the task of releasing 100 songs in 2019. Maybe he knew something we didn’t.

“Body so nice, I love your curves
You’re so right, can’t calm my nurves
I wanna ride all night, and bump some sounds
Turn on ya headlights, with yo top down”