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Train Ride To The Middle East (+ Marvin & Guy remix)

SHMLSS SingleMar 2018

Through The Night

Satin Jackets ft. David Harks SingleMar 2018

The Purple Collection

Various Artists CompilationMar 2018

Beacon One EP

Atella ft. Aurora EPFeb 2018

A State Nearby

NTEIBINT ft. Stella SingleJan 2018


Atella SingleJan 2018

Temple (Simple Symmetry Remix)

Paresse SingleDec 2017


Satin Jackets SingleNov 2017

Tribal Rites

Bill Brewster CompilationNov 2017

Sloth Machine EP

Paresse EPOct 2017


Else Born, Horixon, NTEIBINT SingleSep 2017

Northern Lights (Carl Louis Remix)

Satin Jackets ft. David Harks SingleAug 2017

Northern Lights

Satin Jackets ft. David Harks SingleJul 2017

Anyone Out There?

Atella ft. Cal SingleJun 2017

Travel Inside / Nights with Lorelai (+ SBTH Remix)

Gemini Brothers SingleMay 2017

Back To Summertime

Blende ft. Mattie Safer SingleApr 2017


Rey & Kjavik SingleMar 2017

The Red Collection

Various Artists CompilationMar 2017

Never Enough (+ CASSARA Mix)

Satin Jackets ft. Niya Wells SingleJan 2017

Absence Of Rhythm

TSM aka This Soft Machine SingleDec 2016

Ritual Chants

Psychemagik CompilationNov 2016

This Time/Remember

Else Born SingleNov 2016

Closer To Life

Atella ft. Frøder SingleOct 2016

Hide in

NTEIBINT ft. Stella SingleJun 2016

It's Operational

TSM aka This Soft Machine SingleJun 2016