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Aeroplane - Page One Is Love

Posted on 28 Aug 2015

No stranger in the Eskimo camp, Belgium-based Aeroplane makes a welcomed return to the label with ‘Page One Is Love’, featuring two wholly inspired original tracks and stellar remixes from CASSARA and Ten Ven.

“In both songs I wanted to try to emulate elements of some early house records I love. Specifically, the simple yet elaborate chords riffs, which are what I’ve always been most drawn to. The other element I wanted was a chopped vocal sample. I couldn’t find any that worked, so I made some myself (thanks Jamie & Vanessa!). I’m hoping the end result are two musical, danceable, positive tracks!” “If life is a book, page one is LOVE.” Aeroplane

The title track features the voice of Jamie Principle, carrying the essence of summer with elevating melodies and shimmering synths, whilst packing plenty of punch with an infectious bassline. Following in the same suit ‘Dancing With Each Other’ is another delightful slice of disco-tinged house. CASSARA takes the reins to remix ‘Page One Is Love’ with a strong focus on the piano melody, while Ten Ven (MTA / Noir) remixes ‘Dancing With Each Other’ giving it some weighty percussion.

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