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Can I get an encore? Curses announces 'Secret Cuts' as bonus to Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX!

Posted on 26 Jan 2024
11 bonus tracks that all deserve their own moment in the strobe light.

One of the compilations of 2023 CursesNext Wave Acid Punx DEUX saw the Berlin-based Musician and DJ explore the darker side of club music. Bringing together 49 tracks that joined the dots between early industrial pioneers, EBM legends and post-punk bands with some of the most exciting artists around today this was a celebration of the kind of raw electronic music best performed live in smoke filled clubs.

One might suspect that between this and the first equally acclaimed, and substantial, Next Wave Acid Punx album clubland's gothic vaults might be eerily empty. But, just as every good live act knows, you should hold something special back for an encore, and so Curses is back with Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX - Secret Cuts, 11 bonus tracks that all deserve their own moment in the strobe light.

"Curating Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX was a big puzzle," explains Curses. "Figuring out how to fit all these tracks across 6 different 12"s required a lot of calculations and, to be quite frank, I was never that great at maths. Unfortunately this meant we had to cut some real heaters off of DEUX. But Eskimo and I decided that we couldn't let these gems go to dust. I've been DJing them loads in my sets, so it was only fair to share them with y’all to DJ and rage to yourselves. So, here it is... the final blast of bonus tracks for Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX: Secret Cuts."

Featuring the likes of Ghost Cop, Paresse, Nuovo Testamento, You Man, plus a new Curses track and Redux version, Secret Cuts is a worthy companion piece, packed full of the kind of jagged synths, jackhammer kickdrums, heavily gated snares and punk attitude that saw Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX named a BBC 6 Music compilation of the week, score a perfect 10 from Faze Mag and go straight in the record bag of every DJ that appreciates the darker things in life. 

(*) unreleased and exclusive 

1. Chrome Corps - Body Attestation (*)
2. Curses - Get Lost (*)
3. Aura Nox & Christian Kroupa - Compound Lies (*)
4. Notausgang - Malphas (*)
5. Ghost Cop - You Can Never Go Home
6. Nuovo Testamento - In My Dreams (Powerhouse Mix) (*)
7. Unconscious feat. Carnuntum - Carnivora (LivEvil Version) (*)
8. Günce Aci - Being In The Shadows (*)
9. Curses - The Deep End (Redux)
10. Paresse - Journey of the Heart (Guy Tallo Remix)
11. You Man - Third Eye (Moderna Remix)