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Aili returns with energetic and uplifting 'Toki Doki'!

Posted on 09 Jun 2022

Having captured the attention of the press with their acclaimed debut EP 'Dansu' and taken over the airwaves with their cover of Fergie's 'Glamorous', Belgian-Japanese duo Aili returns with 'Toki Doki', a gloriously energetic and uplifting single that bursts out of the speakers in a dayglo riot of disco punk pop.

"Toki Doki means: "Sometimes. Sometimes I have stress, sometimes I’m in fear." So, the song’s about how you can beat that by ‘genki’ and by throwing a pillow around," explains singer Aili Maruyama. "We went for an up tempo song that commands you to stop what you're doing, start dancing and just let everything go for a moment. Let’s go!"

Slamming together an irresistible post-punk bass line, electro beats and all kinds of sci-fi sounds with Aili's infectious vocals 'Toki Doki' truly captures the spirit of 'genki', a Japanese term that roughly translates to the vital energy of the universe no less, and is further proof that Belgium's most idiosyncratic new pop star duo is here to stay, just watch out for flying pillows...

Artwork by Emma Verhulst. Press pic by Illias Teirlinck.